7th September, 2020


These are the official guidelines for all social media activity at ALTONA SWIMMING CLUB.



These Guidelines are effective for all coaches, members, parents and relatives, committee, and swimmers creating or contributing to blogs, social networks (Facebook, Instagram etc), virtual worlds or any kind of social media. The Club’s Committee expects all its members to understand and follow these guidelines.


Failure to do so could put your future membership at the Club at risk. These guidelines will continually evolve as new technologies and social networking tools emerge.




If you participate in social media, please follow these guiding principles:

• Stick to your area of expertise and provide unique, individual perspectives on what`s going on at the Club

• Post meaningful and respectful comments at all times – in other words, no spam and no remarks that can be deemed as offensive or disrespectful

• Always pause and think before posting

• When disagreeing with other opinions, keep it appropriate and polite

• Do not take to social media platforms to post remarks that can be deemed as hurtful to another member of the Club, its coaches, staff, committee, fellow swimmers, officials and members of the wider swimming community under the auspice of Swimming Australia

• Cyber bullying via social media outlets will not be tolerated under any circumstances and any breach will be treated accordingly.

(Please note: If in event of a serious breach, the relevant authorities will be contacted to deal with the matter)

• Do not use social media outlets as a means to making derogatory comments regarding the management, coaching, welfare, swimmers, concerns, or issues with the Club.


Social Media and Member Welfare


The Club’s Committee views bullying on any level as extremely serious. Cyber-bullying falls under this category.

Cyberbullying is the use of technology to bully a person or group with the intent to hurt them socially, psychologically or even physically. Some cyberbullying crosses the line into unlawful or criminal behaviour.


The Committee will follow up complaints of Bullying, Harassment, Intimidation and Victimisation by any and all members. The Club deems Cyber-bullying can occur via:

• Email

• Chat room exchanges

• Discussion groups or forums

• Instant messaging

• Social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

• Mobile phone use – text and picture messaging, video clips, etc.


Failure to adhere to these guidelines could see possible suspension, cancelling of membership and passing on serious cases to the appropriate authorities.


Changes to the Victorian Crimes Act now mean that repeated acts of bullying are now classified in Victoria under the criminal offence of stalking. In theory, if not in practice, bullying at work, at school or online (cyber-bullying) can be punishable by a maximum term of 10 years imprisonment.


Rules of Engagement:

• Be respectful: Your comments will be quickly noticed in social media environments

• Write what you know: Make sure you write and post about areas in the social media of your expertise. Parents of swimmers should not be making remarks on coaches training techniques via social media

• Respect your Club: Be aware of the far-reaching powers of the internet. Remember you are responsible for your content and posts. What you write reflects back on your club so respect the brand and do your club proud

• Your responsibility: What you post is ultimately your responsibility, so please treat it seriously and with respect

• Be a leader: Do not accept or post comments that hurt the overall brand and social perception of the Club. Remember that Google has a long history

• Did you screw up? If you make a mistake in the cyber world, then admit it. If you have posted a comment that can be deemed inappropriate remove it and apologise – be upfront and quick with your correction

• Pause: If you are about to publish a comment about the Club or any other Swimming Club or its members, think before hitting send

• Pause, Reflect and Think: What you type is your responsibility, so be sure it would represent yourself and Club in the correct manner.


Access to Club Facebook Page


Only the following parties will be provided access to the Club’s private Facebook Page:

• current swimmers and their families

• past and present coaches

• employees and club volunteers; and

• committee members.


All approval and access is subject to the discretion of the Club’s committee.


Implementation Date September2020

Review Date August 2022