7th September, 2020


The ALTONA SWIMMING CLUB has a commitment to use risk management practices to support and enhance our activities in all areas of the organisation. We will endeavour to:

• Develop and use a risk management plan to minimise reasonably foreseeable disruption to operations, harm to people and damage to property

• Ensure risk management is an integral part of all our decision-making processes

• Identify and take advantage of opportunities as well as minimise adverse effects

• Strive to continually improve our risk management practices

• Train people to implement risk management effectively


The following areas of risk will be covered in the Club’s risk management plan:

• Participants safety (Facilities, Equipment & Environment)

• Coaching

• Financial

• Legal / Insurance

• Human Resources (volunteers and paid)


A working group of at least three people (including the person responsible for the area) will determine the items of potential risk for an area above and ways to minimise the likelihood and consequence of them occurring. A variety of people with knowledge and expertise in these areas should be invited to form these working groups.


RESPONSIBILITIES The Club Committee is responsible for the development and implementation of a Risk Management Plan for the club. Members of the Committee will be involved in the development of the plan and will be responsible for managing risks in specific areas. For example, the Treasurer will manage the financial risks, the secretary will manage the Human Resource risks, etc.


VERSION CONTROL Implementation Date September 2020

Review Date August 2021

Approved by Altona Swimming Club Committee