Altona Swimming Club is committed to responding seriously, confidentially and sensitively to any allegations made against or within our Club.


The Committee has nominated a committee  member as contact person for complaints or concerns.

NAME: Mark Gowans (President)

Contact number: 0403 264 004


We are committed to following the  Swimming Australia guidelines for complaint handling, recording and reporting where appropriate.



The Altona swimming Club is also committed to the “KEEPING JUNIOR SPORT SAFE”,

State government of Victoria guidelines in relation to complaints and concerns,

see “keeping junior sport safe” document.

Namely we aim to:

1)    Take the concern seriously

2)    Act promptly

3)    Treat people fairly

4)    Stay neutral

5)    Keep people informed

6)    Keep confidential unless otherwise agreed

7)    Keep relevant records

8)    Apply “innocent until proven guilty” principle


This statement will be revised  every two years in line with our child safety standards reviews.